Making health measurable and actionable.

We’ve built the first software platform that can measure anyone’s complete physical, mental, and social health, from anywhere, at anytime. We make it easy for individuals to understand their health by showing them how they compare to a general population.

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The Platform

Intelligent data collection

We efficiently measure important subjective elements of individual health that have traditionally been difficult to quantify, including such things as pain, anxiety, and social isolation.

Measure, interpret, model

We’ve built statistical models that infer characteristics about any individual user based on their data and how it compares to a general population.

Personalized feedback

We partner with domain experts to deliver their industry-leading content to users in a personalized manner by using our Health Graph to organize their content.

The Benefits

Enable self-management

By measuring important aspects of health, we increase individual health awareness and create opportunities for an individual to self-manage their health.

Measure health efficiently

Our platform is an efficient and cost-effective means of measuring both individual and population health to assess quality of life and track outcomes.

Optimize existing content

Our Health Graph maximizes the effectiveness of content by delivering only the content that is relevant to each specific user.